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Welcome to Kunming!
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Travel guide of Kunming

>>Famous spot area of Gold Palace
It is in Fengming Mountain of the north suburb in Kunming, is apart 7 kilometers from the downtown. The pines and cypress are full in the mountain, are luxuriant, because of bottom follow the stone stairs of steps up, through" the first sky door"," the second sky door"," the third sky door" can cross impressive demeanor" Taihe Temple" and" the Xiuxing Door" then, arrive at" Zhenwu Palace " that is made of copper, being so called the jade price gold palace. The gold palace was set up in 1602 at first, Chen Yong Bin of Yunnan once followed the Taihe Temple to set up the copper palace, the original palace was moved to Jizhu Mountain in Ming, then Wu Sangui rebuilt up the copper palace. The palace signs on the marble terrace, is heavy more than 200 tons, high 6.7 meters, breadth and deep 7.8 meters for each, it is the biggest copper palace in our country.
The front of the copper palace terrace has the sun and moon seven star ensigns, the copper ensign is the empty sun and moon above, the ensign side is wolf tooth form, insets 28 constellations, it is a Great Dipper in the center. There is a seven star double-edged sword in the Taihe Temple, which is heavy more than 20 kilograms, the both sides edge of sword insets seven copper stars, is as mountain magic weapon that is evil for true to make the strange town. The Forbidden City is the construction center of the Taoist temples, which was set up in Ming; it is long 365 meters around, established four gates. Sanfeng Palace is outside the south side, original Zhang Sanfeng. Sanyuan Palace is original in the south of the palace, now it is Autumn Park. Go south to the highest peak of Fengming Mountain, there is one clock buildings with three layers, crest of descend hang a big clock, made in 1423, pit is high 3.5 meters, the caliber round is long 6.7 meters, it is stirring focus attention.

>>The East Temple Tower, West Temple Tower
The East Temple Tower locates in Shulin Street in Kunming City. The West Temple Tower locates in the East Temple Street of Kunming City. Two towers were all set up in Tang at first. Two towers face to each other far away and mutually. They are all 13 layers brick towers. The East Temple Tower is high 40.5 meters, the West Temple Tower is high 31 meters, they all were re- fixed after set up. The East Temple Tower can be followed the wood pedal climb to the crest from the inside, four Capes of the treasure crest are each have a make into with the copper skin of" chicken of gold", each is high more than one meter, the chicken mouth implies the copper tube, there is metal reed in the tube, neck and chests of the chicken of gold are empty. It is said that at formerly whenever the fresh breeze blew vigorously, infusing to go into through the copper tube, the current of air that return makes the metal reed flap, the chicken of gold will send out then oh oh oh of call, express the ability intelligent wisdom and ability of the work clever artisan in the ancient times. Later because a long day is long, the dust accumulates to fill; the chicken of gold is just not to call. But four chicken of gold still are sign in the tower crest, even making the pagoda interesting aspect full of life, have the special features. Now the towers have already been link by a lately- set up on foot street, the West Temple Tower is fix a new, the East Temple Tower still keeps the original, new and old contrast under, pour to feel the bright and new west temple tower a the parties nouveau riche imposing style, let hard compliment of person, read the east temple tower of the exhausted vicissitudes of life but cool-headed astringent, let the persons extremely regret.

It locates in the Jixiang Yi Clan and Mosslem people's country of Yiliang County in Kunming City, is apart 40 kilometers from Yiliang County is apart 90 kilometers from the downtown of Kunming, is apart 20 kilometers from Shilin Scenic Area, Jiuxiang is the scenic area which takes the Kasite landscape for mainly sight-see contents.
Jiuxiang is the masterpieces of the great universes extremely skillful," the strange hole insurance water shows" is the personality that the great universe gives it. Cross-straits ancient wood of Yincuixia, the strange stones are many, permeate a kind of strange, originality of beauty. Lover's valley in Xia, to the song sweet prattle, the romance becomes the good luck. There is Xia in the White Elephant Hole, there are river, hole, bridge, sky in the hole. The hole crest is smooth, two sides are steep, there is the name of" frightened Xia" in canyon in hole, go boating among them, sky is such as a glimmer of, cut through the ancient course of river, along the road of natural carve to let your eyes not connect, linger on, forgetting to return. The Fairy Temple, the clock milk is plentiful full, extremely keen, just as just pretty fairy maiden of a bath.
" Bisexual Waterfall " in Lying Dragon Hole hands fall into more than 30 meters since then and together descend dissolve for the integral whole in the deep pond, how much person their " infatuated and intimate" let admire not already. The absolute being farmland form, such as hillock, soft and beautiful its water, the limpidity of the water.

>>The hot springs in Anning
They locate in Anning County which is apart more than 30 kilometers from the west of Kunming City. The scene in view area is pretty, the beauty spots are numerous, take the hot springs in Anning of" the first soup in the world " be the most well-known, there are another Caoxi Temple, the Pearl Spring...etc., it is the famous health resort and the tour areas. The hot springs in Anning are called the Jasper Spring again, are the race springs. The spring water contains the little chemical element of potassium, Na, zinc, Si ...etc., which are beneficial of human's, bodes. The sculpture flavor of the hot springs in Anning is little, the spring is sweet and tasty, drinking and taking the bath over a long period of time, have curative effects to the disease, such as chronic stomach trouble and the rheumatism arthritis...etc. very good. The spring of the four seasons of hot springs in Anning can flow out 2000 tons to 6000 tons every day and the water temperature is between 42---45 degrees of Celsius. They set up the guest house, hospital, sanatorium etc. in the neighborhood of hot springs, all the service facilities are supplied here.

>>Caoxi Temple
It locates in the east of Dragon Mountain, is the famous ancient temple of Yunnan. It is rumored that it was built up when monks who were Caoxi Party in Guangdong came to Yunnan to spread the Chan doctrine of" realize suddenly to become Buddha", so was called the Caoxi Temple. It was set up in Dali at first, the existing big palace and the wood carving of Huanyansanxiang all were constructed in Song Dynasty. The big palace is a heavy summit of hill, the arch is crude and uncivilized, seeming to be the ancient solemn, there is" Tianhanbaoyue" spectacular sight, in constructing the art of Buddhism to build to be like the art, there is important cultural object value. There is one stone tablet in the temple, engraving two words of" insect two", calling person guess, is the idea boon of" breeze the month is limitless". There is one stub of each a flower, plum flower of a dollar by the side of the temple, very valuable, was praised for "the treasure flower". There is a Pearl Spring which is not apart far from the temple, the water is pure such as the jade, the environment is nice and secluded, and it is the famous religious tour divine spot of Yunnan.

>>Scenery Famous Spot Area of Shen Pond
It locates at the city of Kunming and the surroundings region of Shen Pond. The view area includes city of Kunming, Shen Pond and the numerous parks, famous spot historic monuments of neighborhood; the total area is 770 square kilometers. The history of Kunming is long, as early as 30,000 years ago in Palaeolithic, there were people living in the surroundings region of Shen Pond. Since in Yuan Dynasty, Kunming was the politics, economy, cultural center of Yunnan; Galaxy of talent, the historic monuments are numerous, it is the Chinese history and cultural famous city, the dam of Kunming is the second dam in Yunnan Province, the total area is 763.6 square kilometers, even fertile valley, the products are rich, it is the famous land flowing with milk and honey. She locates between E10210' to 1034', N2423' to 2622', the elevation is 1891 meters, the four seasons of weather are such as spring, it is comfort and pleasant, so is called Spring City again, it is the all-weather tour beauty spot which is famous in the world, is also the axis and the commercial center of Yunnan's tour.
Shen Pond locates in the southwest of Kunming City, is called the Kunming Lake again, was called the Shennanze in the past, is the plateau lake with the biggest area in Yunnan Province, is also the sixth biggest fresh water lake in the whole country. The water department of Shen Pond is one of the 13 point protection water departments of whole country. It is long about 40 kilometers from south to north of the Shen Pond now, the breadth from east to west is about 8 kilometers, the total area is 300 square kilometers, the shore line of the lake is long 163.2 kilometers, the biggest water depth is 10.4 meters, the average water depth is 4.4 meters. More than 20 rivers, such as Nanpan Rivwe, Baoxiang River etc., flow to infuse into the Shen Pond, water is in the seaport, flowing into the Tanglangchuan, Pudu River and remit in the Jinsha River. On the all sides of the Shen Pond, there are Jinma Peak and Biji Peak in the west and east sides, there are Changzhong Mountain and Baihe Mountain in south and north, the landscape and famous spots are more. On the lake the mist-shrouded waters, the landscape is charming.

>>Hoodoos Scenic Spot
The Hoodoos is the most typical Kesite geography view in the world, the scope amounts to 350 square kilometers, often contains the reputation of being the natural museum of the shape and geography, and is one of the Chinese four great universe views. The big hoodoos, the small hoodoos, Naigu Hoodoos, Zhiyun Hole, and Long Lake, the waterfalls of Dadie Mountain, Moon Lake which hasn't been developed and Strange Wind Hole which haven't been developed constitute the Hoodoos Scenic Spot. There is about 5 kilometers between the big hoodoos, the small hoodoos and Naigu Hoodoos, Zhiyun Hole, it is about 23 kilometers to the waterfalls of Dadie Mountain; It is the farthest to Long Lake, it is also about only 25 kilometers.
The race romantic feeling is rated as the unique in Shilin. The beauty legend of Asima, gorgeous and colorful embroidery of Sani, the ancient and miraculous torch stanza, warmly quick song and dance of Sani make the Shilin's natural view and the humanities views to hand over to reflect mutually, they make the persons infatuate with in the interval, and it is hard to forget.

>>Cuihe Park
Whenever Pa put unexpectedly, the breeze come to persons, walk on the dike of the lake, it is full of West Lake's view solemnly, so have the wors of " a world win, it is Su's dike that dike of know to deny". The Cui Lake makes Tang Dike and Wan Dike hand over in the center of Qiandao Lake, the island shore of the dike's side, the silk of willow hangs the water, flying the silk, such as smoke," the smoke in the lake" therefore gets. Medium" the wing however the station sons rise central" of" the high building west of thing faces the gallery", share the green dime of water, the leisure can sit to hope the bright moon, realizing the romantic feeling of" become three people to the shade " with the result that.
The flowers and trees of the station side is great deep, the place is the Lanhua Chanyuan", is really" the city do not open the fairy boundary, the balcony is wonderful in the water cloud". "The Release Pond" is in the hospital, the lotus floats the bluish green, the red carp waits, becoming one view of" Haoshangguanyu" again. Round the beautiful pavilion in addition to the long dike, weeping willow, green water, hear the oriole bridge and adopt the lotus bridge, the barn swallow bridge elegant choiceness, the oriole flying fish jump, the bottle gourd island, Water Moon Xuan, the bamboo grove island becomes the wood, enchanting sight in spring time, the none is not to inebriate person's good prosperity. In winter the sea gull concerns to dwell for rest here, or in blue sky, or frivolous and bluish green water, or fly the title to throw the food, the fun is natural. There are the most close communication and exchanges in the here, person and nature, person and animal, person and environment.

>>Zoo of Kunming
It locates on the Yuantong Mountain which is in the north segment of Qingnian Road of Kunming. Yuantong Mountain's form is such as the one willow ' leaf, it is long from east to west but it is narrow from south to north, the total area is about 26 hectares, it is a park whose appreciation contents is the most abundant, the visitors is the most in Kunming's downtown of Yunnan. Among them, flowers, animals and ancient temples are stirring.
Although this park is in the city area, has the strong countryside breathing, the strange stones on top of hill are beautiful, the forest is verdant, wrong fall to go to, delightfully fresh. The planting area amounts to above 70% now, there are many the valuable flowers and trees in park, first step formation of flower areas of spring, summer, autumn and winter. In summer, a water lotus, water lily grace; in Autumn, the chrysanthemum covers with the gold, the laurel floats the joss-stick; in winter, the plum is cold, the mountain tea vomit red, the magnolia is pure and lustrous, their each elegant appearance, ask for the persons' fancy. The special behavior calls that way is flower area of spring. It locates on the slope of North Mountain in the segment, planting the plum flower and hanging several thousand stubs of the silk begonia, becoming a plum flower wood, be divided into up in next three sets. Plain March, appreciate the plum flower is also a big happy event of the persons of Kunming.
In the neighborhood of plum flower wood, it is an animal exhibition area. While setting up the park in 1953, the animal of the exhibition only had 4 kinds of total 4; currently, there are already 140 varieties animals in the whole park, they are close to one thousand. Not only there are the rare birds and animals of Yunnan, such as the elephant, gaur, palm tree neck hornbill, the tiger of Mengla, black tail serpent of Xishuangbanna, there are panda, black gibbon, leopard, leaf monkey in the northwest of Yunnan and peacock of Li River's side etc.; there are still the local rare animal, such as the gold silk monkey, northeast tiger, giant panda, big eagle ...etc.; there are even the foreign visitors, such as Australia kangaroo, cassowary, panther, African zebra, giraffe...etc.
Park inside everywhere hexangular station, eight Cape stations, square stations of the row of the cent, connect the body station, many star arch month station...etc., become big view in arbor. Park inside still keep the mausoleum of Tang Jiyai who was the main leader of Chongjiu Revolution in Yunnan.
The Yuantong Mountain is higher 50 or 60 meters than the downtown, is one of the good places on all sides of Kunming to look at the landscape in Yunnan. Yuantong Temple is under the crag of the south of mountain, is the biggest ancient temple of Kunming city area in Yunnan. The layout is careful and symmetry, the corpus is outstanding, it is one of the excellent ancient buildings in Spring City.

>>Botanical garden of Kunming
In the four seasons such as the spring city Kunming of the spring, locate at a scenery beautiful, the botanical garden that different wood of famous courtesan constellate. It is apart 12 kilometers from city center of Kunming, constituting the famous scenery tour area with the Black Dragon Pond Park of the ancient trees.
The total area of Botanical garden of Kunming which has the history of more than 60 years is 44 hectares, is a the plant collections park which takes leading to grow valuable flowers, Yunnan in Yunnan and aring rare to be in imminent danger the plant in the herb medicine, Yunnan important tree and Yunnans as the main contents to live. It has already collected the plants now near 4000 kinds of, establish 10 particularly a botanical garden.
The camellia park is a domestic to have most the special features particularly one of a parks, the total collections tea belongs to the plant near 40 kinds of, mountain tea species more than 100ses of Yunnan, is at home and abroad to collect the gold at the earliest stage was particularly one of a parks. The cuckoo park with collections often green cuckoo is lord, have 320 remaining, such as rich brocade cuckoo and the big tree cuckoo...etc. to grow. There is 90 kinds of near dragon woman's tea, red flower wood lotus, Yunnan wearing a smile etc. wood orchid in the wood park.100 grass parks gather 37, heavy building, cloud wood joss-stick etc. the valuable medium herb medicine 1000 remaining grow. There are the loose red bean, money, Yunnan plum flower etc. Joe, bush 1170 varieties in the tree park. Rare is in imminent danger the plant area to gather near 380 remaining of the national class protection plants of etc.s of the pigeon son flower, yellow peony, almond yellow to grow. Exhibit the glasshouse contain tropical zone, subtropics the plant 2000 remaining grow.
There are a gingko and maples in the park the tree bordered boulevard that constitute, arrive the deep autumn each time for seasonal changes, the yellow leaf floats to fly, red maple fire, and the landscape make person infatuate with.

>>Yuantong Temple in Kunming
Yuantong Temple locates in the Yuantong Street in the downtown of Kunming, with the zoo of Kunming adjacent to, is the most ancient Buddhism temple of Kunming. The Nanzhao Country set up" Butuoluo Temple" to rise on the whole here from Tang, have already set up the temple history from more than 1200 years. At the same time, it is also the biggest monastery inside Kunming City now, in the region of Chinese southwest and Southeast Asia to possess the great reputation. The Buddhism associations in Yunnan Province and Kunming City all are established here.
The Yuantong Temple was set up the temple with the skill that build the park, the green mountain, bluish green water, colorful fish, white bridge, red station, Zhuting, colorful gallery hands over to reflect mutually, landscape, such as painting, is one of the national point Buddhism temples. The temple sits the north with a southern exposure, sumptuous, the whole monastery take flexible treasure palace as the center, having one pond before, two sides established to copy the hand curving corridor to round the pond to connect to the hall, special style of the formation water type sanctuary and the garden pond courtyard. The oblation inside the palace contain a three a life time of year of pure Guangxu sit to be like, the big palace is exact center two the roots be up to more than 10 meters to sign the pillar up, each has a colorful dragon, four walls return the to have 500 Luohan statues, all being rated as the Chinese Buddhist temple in of best make. The big view building grows author Sun Ranweng, the old age is once at this place virtuous curse the set to hang on the whole for living.
The Yuantong Temple contains the high and big grand view of flexible win the view shop, flexible treasure palace, eight Cape stations, have the our country hinterland a Buddha of the one and only seat of honor to teach the Buddha palace- copper palace currently. Made of copper Gautama who the Kingdom teaches the boundary how to present inside the palace sits to be like, with Gautama's statue of the flexible treasure palace, each difference of appearance, showed that the Buddhism the difference that the two major department sends, make person open new vista greatly.
Yuantong Temple, teach( call that the north spreads the to teach again) from the Mahayana, the seat of honor a teach( be so called the Hinayana to teach) and hides to spread the palace of that Buddhism( is also a teach) the three greatest religious sections to constitute, with the Mahayana Buddhism for lord. Go to this, you need not run a lot of places, can teach the palace of the three greatest religious sections to the Buddha to take in everything at a glance, can also to three greatest religious section the different religious style contain the understanding of a first step.

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