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Welcome to Kunming!
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The exhibition information in Kunming

The fourth Chinese making medicine equipments, the drugs packing machines and the material exposition in 2006

Time: February 24th in 2006- February 26th in 2006
Address: International exhibition center in Kunming
Sponsor: The Chinese medicine quantity management association
Co- Sponsor: The Chundi Exhibition Limited Company of Kunming
Exhibition's location: International exhibition center in Kunming
Ready exhibition: February 22th in 2006- February 23rd in 2006
Defer: February 24 in 2006- February 26th in 2006
Open: February 24th in 2006
Withdraw the exhibition: February 26th in 2006

The exhibition's scope:
The drugs and foods make the machine and equipments: The raw material medicine machine equipments, Chinese herbal medicine machine, product produces the equipments, smashes the equipments, drinks a slice of machine, distils the machine, makes the cream machine, mix with the machine, grain equipments, the Chinese herbal medicine material withdraw the equipments, Chinese herbal medicine drink the slice process the equipments, condense the machine, leave the scheming, transport the equipments, build anticipate the machine, the recovery tower, filter, ferment the equipments, dry equipments, press a slice of machine, clean the machine, have no germ equipments, make the medicine assistance equipments, other make the medicine machine and equipments etc.
The drugs and foods' packing machine and materials: The drugs food packing equipments and material: Pack the container and infuse to pack and the fill the machine, spray the code machine and mark to stick the system and print the word machine, the aluminum bubble cover packer. Automatic packer: The vacuum annoys the packer, sews up the machine, reunites the tetrapak machine, liquid packer, seals the, cover equipments and packs the robot, unmanned operation packing production equipments. Pack the material production equipments: the medicine uses the clear gum paper of glass, plastics, metals, rubber to product and various material, compound material, packing appropriation material etc.
Drugs and the food examination and store the equipments: The color table instrument, the development box, super low temperature refrigerator, the germs sample machine, the water an analysis instrument, each kind of parameter instrument, each kind of bio-chemical experiment thing and other warehouse materials.
Attestation car of GMP: The special wall face with the ground material, in addition to the dust equipments, in addition to the wet equipments, constant temperature equipments, the pure water decontamination system, purify the air condition, cleanness to deliver the machine, cleanness to deliver the window, breeze to pour the room and transport with connect the appropriation tube piece with to pump the valve, stainless steel ware, professional clothing and product, the air compressor, calculator related system and software, the factory motive equipments and attestation of GMP of other products and equipments.

Contaction address: The 801 Room of the Stock Certificate Mansion's belonging building of No.62 in Spring City Road of Kunming City
Contaction telephone: 13529269909
Linkman: Wang Yu
Fax: (0871) 3137529 3137219
Postal code: 650011

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