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Welcome to Kunming!
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Kunming Overview

Kunming, which is the provincial capital of Yunnan Province, has the history of more than 2,400 years, is the politics, economy, culture, science, technology, transportation center of Yunnan Province, also is a famous historical and cultural city and excellent tour city of our country. Kunming is in the central part of Yunnan Province, the total area is 21,600 square kilometers; it governs five areas which are Panlong, Wuhua, Guandu, Xishan and Dongchuan, Anning City and eight countries that are Chenggong, Jinning, Fumin, Yiliang, Gaoming, Shilin, Luquan and Xundian. The geography of Kunming is high to low from north to south; the elevation of overwhelming majority region is between 1500-2800 meters. The elevation of the highest point which is the main peak of Jiaozi Mountain in Luquan Country is 4247 meters, the elevation of the lowest point which is the Xiaohekou in Dongchuan Area is 695 meters, and the elevation of the city center is 1891 meters. The city area locates in the north of the Shenchi Basin, is in surrounded with mountain on three sides, gets close to the Shenchi in the southwest, nature beauty of lakes and mountains naturally become the interesting, it has the good space environment.
Inshore mountain ranges in Kunming are horizontal, lakes are clear and beautiful. The main mountain ranges contain two, two mountain ranges are mainly alignments from south to north, and remaining vein enters in the downtown, becoming Jinma Mountain, the Biji Mountain and the Snake Mountain. The lakes contain Shen Pool, the Yangzonghai, the rivers contain Panlong River, Tanglangchuan, Pudu River etc. Shen Pool which locates in the southwest of Kunming is the biggest plateau lake of Yunnan Province, is the sixth big fresh water lake in whole country. The landscapes of lakes which follow the Shen Pool are attractive, the famous spots are numerous, and have beautiful name of the bright pearl in plateau.
Kunming belongs to the low latitude plateau mountainous country monsoon climate, because of locating in the western region of Yungui Plateau, the degree of latitude is low, the elevation is high, there are the Wumeng Mountains to be as the natural screen in the north, separating the cold air to go down south, the whole area is subjected to influence that come from southwest and warm moisture of Indian Ocean's flow more, adding there are the plateau lakes to regulate degree of humidity, becoming the four seasons of " summer have no intense heat, winter have no strict and cold", such as pleasant weather of the spring. The average temperature of year is 14.5 ?, the average temperature in the most hot month is 19.7 ?, the average temperature in the most cold month is 7.5 ?, the average hours of sunshine count of year are more than 2400 hours. The average amount of declining water of year is about l035 millimeters. Because the degree of humidity is feat, the sunshine is long, the frost period is short, the visibility is good, the fresh flowers are often the year not to fade, the plants grow all the year round green, so it is well know as the Spring City in the world.
Natural resources in Kunming City are very abundant. The mineral resources mainly have Lin, salt, iron, Tai, coal, quartz sand, aluminum soil, the Gui stone...etc., the Lin, salt, iron mine are most for enrich. The mineral of Lin is the head for the quantity in the seven greatest mineral of Lin in the whole country, the total measure is 4,600,000,000 tons, the personal status is high, and part of them is open-air to mine. The salt mineral's quantity occupy the second of national inland salt mineral, the total quantity is about 13,800,000,000 tons. The quantity of aluminum soil mineral, the quartz sand and mineral of Tai are more abundant, are the mineral that have more development potential species in Kunming. There are more than 50 hot springs in the city area, the high and hot hot springs which are above 60? contain 3.
The natural condition of planting flowers in Kunming City is superior, the flowers' category are numerous, they don't fade all the year round, possess the good reputation of" flower twig continuously four seasons are spring", is the famous Flowers Capital of our country. The flowers' species contain 400 varieties, the familiar are 180 varieties. Among them, the camellia, cuckoo, magnolia, arethusa, the report spring and bulb of lilies were praised for six famous flowers of Kunming. It is famous with the camellia, having the great reputation of" the camellia of Yunnan is number one in the world" then from thou. The camellia was settled for city's flower of Kunming City.

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