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Welcome to Kunming!
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The best time to travel in Kunming

Kunming locates in the central part of Yunnan Province, on the Yungui Plateau. It is in surrounded with mountain on three sides, is close to the Shen Pond in the south, and belongs to the low latitude plateau mountainous country monsoon climate. However because it is subjected to influence that come from southwest and warm moisture of Indian Ocean's flow more, the sunshine time of Kunming is longer. The weather is geniality of whole year, it is no strict and cold in the winter, it is no extremely hot in the summer, the four seasons are such as spring, the average temperature of year is 15 ?, it may be said it is the real Spring City.
Go to travel in Kunming, it is OK all the year round. However the national minorities of Kunming are numerous, the festival celebrations of each race have more dissimilarity, such as: The famous Torch Stanza of Yi Clan is held in June of the lunar calendar, the Splashing Water Stanza of Dai Clan then is held in April of the Gregorian calendar, the Tiaoyue Stanza of Buyi Clan is from February 13th to 15th, so it is also is a quite good method to choose the tour time according to the different race festivals.

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