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Kunming History

The developments of economy and society in the region of Kunming have the long history. It has the close relation with the formation and turning of the Shen Pond. According to study of ancient relics the manifestation, at latest 30,000 years ago, the ancient persons of Kunming multiplied in the region of Shen Pond, took to live original life of the hair to drink in the wild place, lived in caves. It is apart 12,000 years from now; the residents of the Shen Pond's surroundings have already started to plant the rice, entering in the original agriculture period. About 4,000-7,000 years ago, there had already been the agriculture race who settled down in the region of Shen Pond, they were engaged in the original agriculture of the knife farm material for new fire and various management activities, such as catching, hunting, collecting, feed the livestock etc., and had already spin cotton, weaving. 2800 years ago, the surroundings of Shen Pond have already entered in Bronze Vessels Age. In the period of First Qin, each clan and tribe of region of Shen Pond regarded the Sou Clan as principle; they belonged to the Shiqiang Clan's language department. One part of them crossed the Jinsha River from Yue which is Yuexi of Sichuan now and entered to south in the region of Shen Pond, blending mutually with the local tribes' language department. The Shang Dynasty followed the Xia Dynasty's system; the Zhou Dynasty matched the beam in Yong. In the period of Zhanguo, Zhangqiao led his soldiers to go into the region of Shen Pond, took alliance with the Sou Clan's tribe of the region, building up the Shen Country which regarded Sou Clan as principle, claim to be the king of Shen. In 221 B.C., Qin unified China, at that time; the national minorities of the southwest side were called Southwest Yi. The centralization system that Qin established particularly, promoted the county system in the whole country, began the southwest region's development. They established the county in some places, sent the officialdom to go to manage. 109 B.C., the Hanwu Emperor faced the Shen with the his soldiers, conquering successively the tribes like Laoqin, Feimo etc. that were in the northeast of Shen Pond, the king of Shen was compelled to yield.
Han Dynasty took the region of Shen Pond as the center to establish the Yizhou County; the office was the neighborhood of Jincheng now. Tang Dynasty was built up in 617 A.D., established 92 states in Yunnan successively. The region of Shen Pond was the main part of 92 states. In 618 A.D., the Tang Dynasty asked Fan Hongda to be the officer of Kunzhou to manage the counties, the office still established in the Tizhou city. In the middle period of Tang Dynasty, Mongolia influence at the region of Eel Lake was rising, building up the Nanzhao Country. 746A.D. - 747 A.D., Piluoge which was Mongolia influence advanced troops in Anning, put out the Fanshi. The Tuodong City's development established the foundation for the city of ancient Kunming's development. In 937 A.D., the surname of Duan in Dali robed the political power of Nanzhao, building up the Dali Country, unifying Yunnan, establishing the Shanshan Mansion on the foundation of the Tuodong city. The mansion cures handed down the Tuodong city. In 1253 A.D., the soldiers of Yuan Dynasty attacked and occupied Yunnan. In 1276 A.D., after Saidianci cured Yunnan, placed Kunming County, which was the ground of Zhongqinglu, Kunming assigned name to begin from this namely, and made the administration center move to Kunming from Dali. After Ming Dynasty's military advanced in Yunnan in 1381 A.D., they changed the "road" class administrative area of Yuan Dynasty to the mansion, imitated the hinterland's system, established Yunnan Xuanchengbuzhengsi and Duzhihuisi. The province of Yunnan cure, the mansion cure and the Kunming Country cure established together in the city of Kunming. In 1382 A.D., they constructed the city of Kunming, was made of bricks, it was about 9 miles of surroundings, was high near 3 Zhang, there were six city gates, there was a moat outside the city, it could go boat on the river. The establishment of Manchu Dynasty handed down Ming Dynasty, Kunming was still jurisdiction of the mansion of Yunnan and county of Kunming, the city's scale did not outrun the scope of the Ming Dynasty. At the end of Qing Dynasty, from Opium War, especially after the war between China and France in 1885, Ftance and England imperialistic influences quickly irruptive Yunnan. In 1905, the Manchu Dynasty opened up Kunming as commercial port. The machine bureau of Yunnan was found in 1884, which become the starting point of the modern industry of Kunming. In 1911, people of Kunming followed the revolution of Wuchang, held the revolution of Chongjiu, overthrow to settle the dynastic feudalism governance. In 1915, again raised to protect the country righteousness ensign, constituted to protect army to beg for Yuan Shikai. In 1926, the Communist Party of China Workers Committee of Yunnan Province which took Wang Desan as the leader established. On December 9 in 1949, Yunnan got peaceful liberation. In March of 1950, the Chinese People's Liberation Army entered in Kunming, established the Soldier Manage Meeting. The city area presses originally eight areas to set up to make to carry on the connector, and established the downtown.

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