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Welcome to Kunming!
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Kunming Cuisine

The food of all streets in Kunming is really to let persons slaver, snacks, roast at the street sides and indoor restaurants with the grace environment all have the local the special features food. The most worthy of a what to say is that the good food in the mountain of Kunming is all very well-known in the whole country, wild fungi within the good food in the mountain are also 100 eat not to be disgusted with. However, the taste of the vegetables of Kunming has a little to be partial to salty and hot, for those tastes in Hunan and Sichuan are heavy to like to eat the hot place to say is nothing, but the people in the region of Jiangzhe whose the taste simple elegance be partial to the sweet may have a little to adapt not too, adopt the customs of the natives, otherwise so much delicious thing is not edible, it is too pity. It is total to say, the more concentrated place of food and drink of Kunming is the north front door delicacies street of the north, the Xingyuan Road of the west, which also is by the side of the government in the west mountain area, there are still the Shenchi Road, Guanshangzhong Road, Guannan Road, Shibo Road etc.
Tasting the special race food in Kunming is the visitors' unforgettable choice. The race taste food on the manufacture have various methods, such as roasts, pickle, jelly, Wu, Chun etc., the containers contain slab of stone, fragrant bamboo, sheepskin, the egg stone...etc.

The introduces of some special features snack

>>Boiler Chicken
Get because of steaming with the boiler. The purple pottery boiler is produced in Jianshui of south of Kunming. While making the boiler chicken, put the chicken piece into the pot at first, after putting the condiment, put in the big sand pot with full of water, seal strictly the pot cover. Steam to boil with the prosperous fire for about four hours. At this time, the steam is from the boiler bottom middle of a spray into the inside constantly. Since steam familiar the chicken pieces, again in the pot become the bead of water, becoming the soup juice. Thus, a bone with lousy meat of chicken that makes the boiler steam leave, the fresh meat of soup is delicate, can keep the original flavor and nourishments of the chicken.

>>Chicken germ
It is not chicken, but is a kind of umbrella germ of delicacy. The weather of Yunnan is geniality and wetness, whenever many rain seasonal changes in spring and summer, the countryside and lawn, various fungi break ground competitively. The Jizong Germ is the head of various germs in Yunnan. Its that surface umbrella covers' edge of the black and brown or tiny yellow, present the radiate fission, hence, the ancients says it" cover with such as the chicken feather", hence get. The chicken flesh and blood quality is fatty and thick, silk white and thin quality, the frailty is delicate and good to eat, enriching the food with protein and various nourishment compositions of calcium, Lin, iron...etc., take it to boil, fry, fry in oil in spite of, or steam, do the soup, it is all pure fragrance, fresh and beautiful. Hence, the persons who go to the trip of Yunnan all take taste this delicacy good food for happy event.
Fumin County is in north suburb in Kunming City, after the common people adopt the Jizong germ, in case to change in character, they usually use the salt gum system, or cook liquid to become oil. While eating the rice line, if mix up just some little Jifuzong or Youjizong, it has entirely different taste.

>>Sour salted vegetable in Kunming
It is the domestic life salted vegetable of the common people, the method for making goes in brief and easily. In the spring stanza in winter of every year, the every family will wash clearly the green vegetables which is so called the bitter vegetables, hanging up to dry in the air. Wait for the green vegetables to change dry, cut into the segments, put on thick salt, mix with the hot pepper, wild pepper, ginger, eight Capes, Xiaogoxiang and anticipate these seasonings of the wine, since can suppress the germ, antisepsis, and then increased various flavor. Then, pack into the pottery bottles, seal strictly, pickle for a month then edible. Sour salted vegetable is green, or soil yellow, the sour flavor is proper, open the stomach and match rice, it since is an food in normal times, takes charge of to season the good product in common use again, it is cold and explode to fry in spite of, be still the heat boil, the burn, steams to make, all having a distinctive flavor.

Shilin Country not only have the Kasite geography which is the stone wood and whose landscape is pleasant, and but also is abound in Rubing. Rubing is made of the fresh sheep milk, its flavor has the very thick milk flavor, the nourishment is abundant, and can be created various delicacy good dinners. If cut Rubing into slice to be separated with the ham slice of Xuanhua to put to steam in the bowl familiar to eat, the flavor is very fresh and beautiful, can also burn with the fire or adjusts the egg to hang the syrup to fry in oil, fry, boil, living to eat may also, the flavor is each has his merits.

>>Burn the bean curd
It is a civil taste snack in the south of Yunnan. It is sold in the night markets of Kunming.Burn the bean curd that use bean curd take the bean curd in Shiping County and Jianshui County as the good products. Make into the bean curd with the high-quality soybean, after ferment, the bean curd becomes to smell smelly, eating the joss-stick. Bake it across the iron net with the fire, brush to roast to the gold hair to rise up the vegetable oil, then add juice of Lufu and power of hot, hot pepper, the wild pepper oil etc. the condiment prepare of adjust to anticipate, eat crispy, fresh and delicate, it has a distinctive flavor.

It is a famous special snack in Tengchong Country of Yunnan Province. Choose the high-quality rice to make into the bait piece, cut into slice, then go together with to boil to fry up the fresh meat, ham, egg, mushroom, the bubble hot pepper...etc., the flavor is soft, fragrant and good to eat. It is said that Zhu Youlang who was an emperor in the end of Ming Dynasty was escaped in Tengchong, was hungry and tired, village people offered up the local delicacy food which was Fries Bait Pieces, after eating, he praised great, called it saved himself! Dajiujia then got name from here.

It is food which spread widely in the folks in Yunnan. Its making method is to go together green broad bean rice or green garden pea rice with the ham, pour into the iron pot to turn over to fry, and the bubble delivered the first-class and soft rice of the half an hour, boiling after adding the water up the vapor, then use the little fire to boil familiar, plus the refined salt, monosodium glutamate...etc. to turn over to fry to mix evenly, then last edible. This taste snack is red to the white meat of green rice of bean, three colors are gorgeous, making the persons enjoy to please the eyes. Eat the meat to get the sweet rice of bean, the flavor wears the thick joss-stick fresh and beautiful.

>>Pickle cow's Jin
It is a famous dish of Dai Clan. While making, pack the cow head, the cow feet to go to the hair and wash clearly, chop down the small pieces to cook, after going out the pot to pick and get rid of the bone, cutting remaining cow' jin into the crumb, put into basin and use to wash rice the bubble to get for 3 hours, then wash clearly with the cold water, packing the seasonings, such as hot pepper, ginger, garlic and wild pepper...etc. pours in to mix evenly in the basin, put into the bottle and seal goodly, after half a month is then edible.

It is a famous snack in the insect party of Yunnan, joining the wood ginger, tomato juice, hot pepper, lemonade, tea tree, fragrant root...etc. to adjust to anticipate after fry the Fengyong that chooses with meticulous care cold, sour and hot and good to eat.

>>Braise in soy sauce the Jizong
It is a famous dish of Kunming. The Jizong is the valuable wild edible germ which is the special product of Yunnan, the flavor is fresh, sweet, delicate, joss-stick, it can match in excellence with chicken mutually, can still keep the stomach, refreshing.

>>The prepared ducks in Luliang
It has the special features only, the color is white and it is transparent, the salt flavor is just right, the meat quality is delicate, the flavor is fresh and beautiful, the nourishment is abundant, it is a food that is subjected to people's fancy. Every time round joyful festivals, the people usually use the red paper packing to donate friends and relatives. Since 1959, it was sold far in the other parts of country, possessed the great reputation.

>>The roasting fish of Xiangmaocao
It is also a taste dish of Dai Clan. It is general to bind up the fish that is washed clearly with fragrant couch grass at first, then place to roast in the fire, and put on just the right amount of lard, while roasting, the aroma four overflow, the fish flavor that roast out thus come into nostrils, the fish is frailty, the flavor is fresh, beautiful and special.

>>Pig's fat meat
It is called Pipa Meat again because it is likeness pipa. After killing the pig, on a son of belly cavity of the pig, take out the internal organs, then pick and get rid of the framework, then put up condiments, such as wild pepper, spring onion and salt...etc., then press original kind to sew up, put to dry by air in the dry cool place, only not laceration, it can be deposited for 10 years to 20 years and not out. While edible, clean with the hot water, pare off the clean and outside layer dirty mark, soak to the cortex hair with the water soft, then incise a form, boil but eat it, the meat flavor is subtle fragrance, fatty but don't get fed up with, it is the first grade to entertain guest.

>>Roasting duck in Yiliang
It has been the history of more than 600 years, it is good enough to with Bejing Roasting Duck to match in excellence, the roasting duck is divided into the young duck and fatty duck again, the meat quality is delicate, the eating flavor is sweet; The fatty duck's grease is more, old joss-stick of the meat quality, if go together with the spring onion white, the wild pepper or sauces product to eat, that is also to have the taste, taking the roast duck in Dog Street as particularly good. The creation of the roast duck in Yiliang is very fashionable, while baking, take loose hair knot as the fuel, need its burn to smoke to the utmost, well timed inside out duck body, paint the honey water, lard is spread in epidermis. Roast the duck of thus, the yellow frailty of skin is not burnt, the meat is loose soft, sweet and delicate leave the bone, it is very tasty. We can taste this dish in a lot of places of Kunming, there is the dish inside Gujin Park which is the special features restaurant.

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