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Welcome to Kunming!
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The Festival celebration of Kunming

Each national minority that lives in Kunming all has own festival, the special race custom became Kunming's another scenery line. Enumerate a few of famous race festivals below:

>>Torch Stanza of the Yis
The Yis all will hold it in Shilin Country on June 24th of lunar calendar every year, moreover, many Yi people live inshore the Wenshanzhou, although they live in the different places, they must hold Torch Stanza which is the most full of the race special features once a year.
According to the Yi's gregorian calendar parlance, June 24th of calendar is a day when the sun goes the most positive in circulating orbit, the sun project light upon the Human body to can not see own shadow at noon, so regard this day as the pleased day that celebrate. In the period of the festival, a lot of villages kill the chicken and sheep, doing the good dinner fully, in this day, all the men and women put in beautiful attires, coming together to the appointed place, holding the activities, such as bullfight and nelson...etc. in the daytime, then sparking the torch at night, the people form into groups to come to the ground and will gather in the square, sitting the sides of many torches to become the fire tower, round by the side of the fire, carrying the song and the dance.

>>The Lieshen Stanza of the Yis
From February 1st to 3rd of lunar calendar every year, the Lieshen Stanza of the Yis will be held in the regions of Jiuxiang, in the festival period, the Yi people still hold various civil activities, such as doing the big three-stringed, lute dance, overlord's whip, there are still the game activities such as singing the madrigal, bullfight etc.
As for Lieshen Stanza of the Yis in Jiuxiang, there is still a folk tale, it is rumored in the faraway period of Honghuang, Fuxi and Nvwa avoided this disaster under the guide of celestial spirits, they got marriage, depending on hunting in order to living, the blood relationship they born were the meat regiment and the blood regiment, hence they cut the meat regiment into 9, becoming 9 sons, cutting the blood regiment into 10, becoming 10 daughters. Hence, the mankinds just multiply greatly up to now.

>>Temple fair of Gold Palace
It is held in Gold Palace Park on January 1st of the lunar calendar every year, then there is every kind of the local products and tasty food in the market, the beautiful flowers contend for gorgeous in garden, accompany with the large crowd literature activity.

>>March third
The March third of lunar calendar every year is the festival that persons visit in spring, enjoy flowers and have an outing of Kunming. It is a jollification in West Mountain Scenery Famous Spot Area, Guanyin Mountain, Gold Palace, zoo...etc.

>>The Mizhi Festival of Sani Clan
It is a festival which is held on February or October of lunar calendar every year in Shilin Country and Mile Country to invite the Mizhi Fairy, called Mizhi Festival. It is a kind of activity of community offer sacrifices, reflects the ruin breeze of the matriarchal society clan. It is as unique man's stanza in our natione.

>>Splashing water stanza
Splash water stanza is general in the middle ten days of April of Christian, is held in June of Dai's style. The first day when splash water stanza is held is called Wanduosangli, the meaning is a New Year's Eve, the last one day is called Wanbawanma, the meaning is the day of king's arrival of, it is the New Year's Day. The middle several days are called Wannao, which means empty Days. On the festival, the people pick the fresh flowers and greeneries to come to the Buddhist temple oblation, and carry on a series of Buddhist temple's activities, such as hearing the Buddhist sutra etc. Then the activity of splashing water which is crowd really begins. The men and women of the youth splash water for the drama each other, meet persons and then sprinkle.

The Tiaoyue of Buyi Clan is actually a kind of marriage costem of Buyi Clan. From February 13th to 15th every year, the Buyi Clan all has grand activities of strolling the field. In the evening, the crowd flow toward gound. A sainted old man in field follows the place to round three rounds, and sign a colorful ensign in the center; Immediately after, three brave men ride the horses along the trace that the old walk through also rounds the field for three rounds, but the rounds that brave man round want to compare the old and have to have another greatly. The round that brave man row is a ground of song and dance, the people all can go into inside together to play, but the old men' circlet with colorful ensign for center of talk the ground of feeling for the men and women, belongs to the district of " no admittance to unauthorized person", the single men and women sing a song and dance in this district, under moon conjecture mutually, careful watch, until find out the object that oneself like.

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