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Welcome to Kunming!
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The amusement in Kunming

The history of race dance of Yunnan is long, the form is diverse, the category is numerous. In more than 20 races, each race contains oneself special features only choreographic. Even the same race, because of living the dispersion, everyplace of choreographic also is not same.
For example, the Yis' dances can be divided into the 7 major types of Axitiaoyue, cigarette case dance, Luozuo dance, Dage, Hugu dance, the Sixuan dance and the copper encourage dance; the Peacock dance and Xiangjiaogu dance of Dai Clan which are known for the Chinese and Foreign also become the different special features because the people create again; The Munaozongge of Jingpo Clan, Baixian dance, Fan dance and Niugu dance of Hani Clan, overlord's whip, Shangfeiyan of Bai Clan, Lusheng dance of Lagu Clan, Zhongdianguozhang, Deqinxuanzi of Zang Clan, The copper bell dance of the clan of; The seedling clan jumps; The production dance of the clan; The clan pipa dance; The big drum dance of Brown's clan; The tube-shaped container dance of the promise clan;" Ascend the Luo" of the clan of ;The water of the virtuous clan of encourage; Only the cow dance of the dragon clan; The dance in a Chuang of the rice clan; Mongolia" together the is each early" of the clan and create Mosslem people's musical play" return to dragon" of the plait etc.
Certainly in addition to national minorities' especial dancing, the amusement activities inside Kunming City have no too big distinct with other modern cities. There are the amusement places, such as: The bar, KTV, net bar etc. it is everything complete. The Kundu of Kunming is one of the biggest amusements districts of whole country, every variety deduce varied, take the Sitting Dance Bar, Shake Slowly Bar, the Tianlai Village for representative, they are very noisy in the evening; the amusement places in the region of Jinmabijifang are the recreational whereabouts of the young men of Kunming much, the light song and dance, idea youth of zong ;The surroundings of the Cui Lake contain a lot of special features bars whose consume are higher, however the layer is higher, also relatively having the special features. In the daytime, we can drive the Kading car and ride the horse in the Yeya Lake, the pursues soon, it is fascinating incitement; we can steep the open-air hot springs in Anningtang Pond, reduce tired, it is very pleasing.

Introduce some amusement centers below:




Gymnasium of Yunnan Province

Dongfeng East Road of Kunming City


The Athletic Training Base of Kunming

Haige of Kunming City


The Teenager Athletics Training Base in Wuhua Area

A place which is apart 2 kilometers from Shen Pond of Kunming City


Stadium in Guandu District

Duanshang in Kunming City


The Athletic Work Brigade Swimming Building of Yunnan Province

Dongfeng East Road of Kunming City


Swimming Building in Panlong District

Taoyuan Street of Kunming City


Swimming Building in Wuhua Area

Shen Pond Road of Kunming City


Yinghua Bowling Center of Kunming

The fifth floor of No.25 in Dongfeng East Road of Kunming City


Imperial Palace Bowling Room of Baoshan Hotel

No.52 of Baoshan Street of Kunming City


Round-the-world Bowling in Kunming

Shen Pond Road of Kunming City


Tongling Bowling

Qingnian Road of Kunming


Overlord Bowling

The extension line of White Tower Road in Kunming City


The National Defense Workout Hospital in Kunming

Taoyuan Street of Kunming City


The Yulongchi Workout Hospital

The extension line of White Tower Road in Kunming City


The Noushida Science Workout Hospital

Shen Pond Road of Kunming City


Xinying Workout Play Center

Xinying Road in Xinying Small Area in Kunming City


Yuanmei Reduction Weight Beautiful Body Center

Bejing Road of Kunming City


liyuan Skating Rink

Stone Dam of Kunming City


Shen Pond Golf

The old Haige Road in Kunming City


Xinying Tennis Court

Xinying Small Area in Kunming which is the opposite of the Guanfang Cabaret


National Defense Amusement Center Table Tennis City

News Road of Kunming City


Table Tennis City of Kunming

Xichang Road of Kunming City


Haoshi Table Tennis Club

Behind of the Heping village in Kunming City


Gentleman Table Tennis City of Kunming

The second floor inside the Wuhua Gymnasium of Kunming City


The Ailinshebin Club in Yunnan

in the Xiqu Garden in Baima Small Area in Kunming City


Shebin Club in Yintian Hotel

the 17th floor of Yintian Hotel of Kunming City


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