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昆明布拉沃Information Services Ltd.
Address: Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone Dali Garden 1-4-304 Post Code: 650217
Tel: 7263399     Fax: 7276624
Other types of information not included in the advisory services sector: Sales of self-developed software; international e-commerce information technology consulting services.

Kunming Jin. Teng Weiss Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: Kunming Hi-tech Development Zone on the third floor of Software Park Post Code: 650106
Tel: 8322473     Fax: 8323236
And computer software, office equipment retail industry: Computer software, information systems, multimedia systems design, development, application and related technology consulting services; intelligent building premises distribution network and engineering work

Huayang modern timber seal Yunnan Co., Ltd.
Address: Kunming, a south-2 group II 101,501 units, Post Code: 650031
Tel: 5175504-11     Fax: 5175504-11
Other types of information not included in the advisory services sector: the production and sale of fully automatic production of photovoltaic Ke Ziji, seal, seal materials, sculpture and provide technical services.

Yu-yun Yunnan Economic and Technical Consulting Co., Ltd.
Address: High-tech development zone in Kunming Medical Branch Road, 9 Zip Code: 650116
Tel: 7156656     Fax: 7156656
Other types of information not included in the advisory services sector: technology, information, investment advisory services (excluding financial services, real estate futures business).

Yunnan Kai Meng-chi Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.
Address: China Yunnan Kunming High-tech Zone in Kunming City, brighter computer on the second floor of Building D Zip Code: 650302
Tel: 8609988-26504 86066     Fax: 8602815
General Instrument components, the device manufacturing: development, production and marketing of the production of electronic instrumentation, sensing instrumentation, said the e-Series, Communications assist device (restricted areas of the country, with the exception of items)

Anglo-Chinese joint-technology development (Kunming) Co., Ltd.
Address: Kunming people of East Line extension of the No. 57 Post Code: 650216
Tel: 3180976     Fax: 3180976
Software development consulting industry: the production and marketing of the production of biological engineering technology products and electronic data communications hardware and software products, and technology-related consulting services.

Kunming Jia Ming Optical Co., Ltd.
Address: Kunming Fuhai Township High Zhucun No. 173 Zip Code: 650228
Tel: 4618032     Fax: 4578416
Optical instrument manufacturing: production and sale of a telescope.

Michael Kunming Information System Engineering Co., Ltd.
Address: 277 Beijing Road, Kunming, China Building or Room 901-902 Zip code: 650011
Tel: 3122169     Fax:
Advisory software development industry: trade and economic information consultation, software, system integration, software development, networking and intelligent building system design, professional lighting sound.

Huasheng Kunming Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Address: 32 Beijing Road, Kunming, Yunnan Trade Union Building, 14 floor, Post Code: 650051
Tel: 4616158     Fax: 4616158
Other types of information not included in the advisory services sector: high-tech industry and related industries in the research, development, technology transfer and advisory services; related research from machinery and electronic products (excluding motor vehicles), chemical products and electricity

Hong Kong, Kunming, the South San Switch Co., Ltd.
Address: White Dragon Temple in Kunming, 298 Post Code: 650224
Tel: 5637771     Fax: 5616936
Switching control equipment manufacturing industry: the production and sale of the production of various types of high, low voltage electrical switchgear.

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